Wetlands and Wildlife Centre – Arundel

Wetlands and Wildlife Centre – Arundel

Arundel Wetlands

Arundel Wetland Centre – Arundel – this Sussex reserve has 26 hectares of natural wetland habitat where you can find and view hundreds of varities of exotic wildfowl from around the world.

The centre is sited in ancient woodland in the centre of the South Downs next to the River Arun. Arundel Castle sits close by the centre which is designed to attract many wild birds to the lakes, reed beds and woodland featured within it.

The centre offers electric boat safaris everyday as long as the weather is ok. These are included in the ticket price. Explore the waterways of the new “Wetlands Discovery Area” wild flowers and plants can be seen growing naturally.

Visit Arundel Wetlands and Wildlife Centre Website

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August 30, 2018


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