Brighton – A seaside paradise in Sussex


Brighton is one of the UK’s most famous cities and rightly so. As a destination for day trippers and holiday makers it’s hard to beat Brighton’s array of attractions and entertainment.

Unlike many British seaside resorts that struggle to deliver once you leave the seafront or when the weather takes a typically British turn for the worse Brighton is a place where you can always find something to do and poor weather will just drive you deeper into its many fascinating nooks and crannies.

A typical visit for a family with kids might include any or even all of the following highlights:

Brighton Pier – Beautiful and exhilarating as ever you can’t miss a walk out to the end where there is a funfair and who can resist the arcades with the mix of old fashioned classic games and state of the art video game extravaganzas. Always a photo opportunity along the rail with the beautiful Brighton seafront promenade as a backdrop. Freshly cooked sugared doughnut rings anyone?

The Beach Front Promenade – a bustling thoroughfare of fun and activity the sheer variety packed into the arches under the pavement and road make this a great way to spend time. There are seasonal features, mini play areas, cafes, street stalls, arcades and galleries.

The Beach – a fabulous place to while away the hours surrounded by a crowd as varied in age and background as it gets in the UK since Brighton is a magnet for tourist visitors and London day trippers far from ruining it the amazing whirl of humanity will give the kids plenty to wonder at. If you like it quieter you can simply stroll up the beach a bit which soon thins out the crowd. Don’t forget the classic Fish and Chips on the beach after all how would the seagulls survive if they had nobody’s lunch to steal, an incident our 7 year old still talks about!

Brighton Marina – is buzzing with restaurants and activities from a cinema to a bowling alley there is something for all the family.

Shopping in Brighton – with a great mall and loads of intriguing and fun shops you can’t beat a shopping trip this coastal city it truly has something for everyone. Where it will score very highly is with those tricky older children who are developing their own unique interests and need a bit more in the way of variety and interest to hold their attention. The highlight is the lanes which twist and wind in maze like fashion just off the seafront. A Wonderful day out at any time of year and in any weather.

There are numerous kids clubs and venues of interest in Brighton just run a search on “Brighton” in our places to go section and you can see them all.

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Brighton - A seaside paradise in Sussex, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
October 17, 2013


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